Can Hospitals Save Costs Without Compromising Patient Outcomes?

For hospitals to offer high-level services, they must integrate the latest knowledge and technologies. Additionally physicians and surgeons continuously strive for a better patient outcome. To remain competitive under these conditions, hospitals must also keep expenditure low. Olympus supports hospitals and surgeons in this balancing act.

Olympus is committed to developing technologies that clearly enable cost reduction through increased intraoperative flexibility, safer and better workflows, and optimized procedures.

Olympus offers a complete energy solution product portfolio that can meet almost every surgical need by using just one energy system for all surgical teams.

One Energy Platform. All Surgical Teams. Multiple Benefits.

Previously, most hospitals had to provide more than just one surgical energy platform with different instruments for different procedures in each operating room. Using a combination of several stand-alone systems was not only ineffective and expensive. In many cases, it was a compromise but not the best solution possible.

Today with THUNDERBEAT, Olympus offers a smart surgical energy system that covers different medical specialties and technologies for open, laparoscopic, and endoscopic surgeries. One single generator platform facilitates the combination of all common kinds of energy, such as advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energy.

This system gives surgeons across multiple fields more versatility in many electrosurgical procedures and for almost all surgical energy needs. It enables a better handling and leads to smoother and more efficient workflows. It also helps to improve patient outcomes.

Your Benefits

Provides One Solution

for all surgical needs

Shortens Operating Time

potentially leading to better patient outcome

Improves and Simplifies

surgical procedures

Saves Costs

potentially improving patient outcomes

Standardizes Clinical Procedures

across all surgical departments potentially leading to savings

Enhances the Performance of Surgeons as well as Entire Surgical Teams

potentially enhancing patient outcomes

THUNDERBEAT - Hybrid Technology for Open and Laparoscopic Surgery

A key part of Olympus’s surgical energy system is THUNDERBEAT:

  • THUNDERBEAT is the first highly versatile instrument that integrates ultrasonic energy, for rapid tissue cutting and improved dissecting, and advanced bipolar energy for quick, secure, and reliable vessel sealing.
  • THUNDERBEAT is easy to handle and demonstrates how a fully integrated energy system optimizes and standardizes the entire surgical workflow, increases safety, potentially shortens operating time, and improves patient outcomes.

  • The tip of the THUNDERBEAT instrument allows surgeons to grasp, manipulate, and bluntly dissect tissue without having to switch instruments each time. This potentially increases intraoperative flexibility, allowing for a higher caseload.

Learn more about the benefits of THUNDERBEAT inENT, General Surgery, Gynecology, and Urology

"We have started a study to assess the possible advantages of THUNDERBEAT with objective measurements. From the data, we can state that THUNDERBEAT is safe and fast, which gives us an advantage in the OR with a decrease in time of at least 15%. The time savings are the result of dependable coagulating and quick cutting action through any tissue without having to change instruments – even for blunt dissection and grasping."

Prof. Karl-Hermann Fuchs, MD Medical Director, Head Surgeon, Department for General, Visceral, Thoracic Surgery, Agaplesion Markus Krankenhaus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, May 2014

Have Your Savings Analyzed Now!

Olympus has developed a calculation model to highlight which savings can be realized by using the THUNDERBEAT system. Together with hospital management, we will support the analysis of savings that result from conducting the hospital’s procedures with THUNDERBEAT. This will provide you with a definitive figure showing the costs saved compared to the current system, taking purchase costs into account.

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